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Hello it’s me, yet another young communications student looking for employment, but here’s a few reasons why I’m more than just your average media major:

  1. Technically speaking, I’m a media advertising major specializing in news writing with minors in French, Fashion Culture and Political Science. Whew, that’s a mouthful – but it means I’m driven by my curiosity and can provide a unique perspective on a range of fields.
  2. My whole life is a side hustle, from my work at my university’s nationally recognized newspaper, to creating my own sustainable fashion collection, to designing local companies’ business logos and brand materials. A modern Renaissance woman some might say, but really, I just love diving into new projects and developing relationships with amazing companies and individuals along the way.
  3. If I’m not in class or on deadline, you can probably find me stalking Indeed listings or mumbling LinkedIn buzzwords in my sleep! I’m passionate about creating innovative and effective fashion content from writing, to social media, to graphics, to branding work. If you’re looking for an upbeat, innovative and forward-thinking creative on your team, I’d love to talk about how I can bring your brand to the next level.