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Autumn 2016 Lookbook

One particularly warm fall day, four friends and I traipsed to a gilded forest on the outskirts of campus. In partnership with Cactus Flower, a local boutique, I wanted to capture the beauty of the season and the beauty of this brand. 

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Rainy Day Romantic

Skirting around puddles, darting through the storm, here is the woman who fails the test. She worries about ruining her satin shoes and the leather bag huddled to her side. She curses the rain, blaming it for the traffic, the late arrivals, the line at the store. The sky’s verdict can wound her entire day, blistering each step her stilletos take. But here comes another woman down the street! She glistens with each drop the heavens cry, a diamond in a trench coat. She outstretches her arms into t

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Summer In The City

I haven’t really posted too much recently for the fashion side of this blog, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and show you what my typical work style has been like. With just a few more weeks left of summer, I’ve been trying to go all out and work in a few pieces I wouldn’t typically wear to school.If you didn’t know, I’ve been interning at Pattern Magazine, an Indianapolis-based fashion and lifestyle publication, which means I’m constantly surrounded by talented, creative and well-dressed human

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Skirts&Sneaks Without Looking Like a Freak

Photos by Olivia Jacko

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