For 13 years, my hair follicles knew no sense of freedom. Groped to the crown of my head, twisted into a tight coil and pinned through the lowest layer of scalp – the ballet bun was my childhood-long sentence of irreparable root damage. For 13 years of practicing those pirouettes, dressing my blisters, memorizing Balanchine and crying through a daily split stretch, the ballet bun remained in an upright and hairspray-locked position. Letting my hair down, either figuratively or literally, seemed

On Breakup Rituals


The amount of time and attention I devote to celebrity relationships is slightly questionable as I am the number one reader of clickbait gossip and the emotional third party of every Brangelina, Bennifer and Billary.So of course my heart sunk a few inches when reading this morning that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris deleted all Instagrams of their relationship. My investment in the two had already plummeted when they broke things off, but now all proof of my stock was gone – shredded and erased

June 12, 1952. It is a day of the upmost saturation. The sky’s blue is piped with color, looking as though the world had been dipped in a painter’s can just that morning and was still wet with gloss. Smears of clouds drape along the sky, letting their white puffs stick to the blue paint like cotton balls in toothpaste. A light breeze whistles through the blue and the white, electrifying each color as it passes and checking that all is in place.With the set in order, the characters come next.He i

It’s whatever you put on and instantly feel a bit more daring, elusive and deeply curious for an impending night of wear. It makes you walk not just a few inches taller, but sky-high, only summonable back to Earth by the gravity of the next morning’s dawn.Tonight it’s a black cocktail dress, sleek and sultry down your waist. Like a map it traces your every curve and coordinate, plotting each point with an artist’s eye. You’re wearing what you wear best and you’re at the top of your game, oozing

On Graduation

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A Short Thought:They called my name so I got up from my chair and stepped across the stage.The first step was easy. My heart was tugging at my feet, begging to dance across the other side. My mind was lunging forward, reaching for any dream to grab with its fingers. I took the step, just one, but suddenly lost balance.I was in limbo, my past behind me, but my future still at the horizon. No clear footing supported my stance and gravity pulled me in each direction.Memories, like old friends, tugg