On Breakup Rituals


The amount of time and attention I devote to celebrity relationships is slightly questionable as I am the number one reader of clickbait gossip and the emotional third party of every Brangelina, Bennifer and Billary.So of course my heart sunk a few inches when reading this morning that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris deleted all Instagrams of their relationship. My investment in the two had already plummeted when they broke things off, but now all proof of my stock was gone – shredded and erased



Last month my family and I travelled the nearly 10,000 miles to the heart of Australia. For almost two weeks we scuba dove with turtles in the Great Barrier Reef, scoured for kangaroos along the Great Ocean Road and perused the cityscapes of Melbourne and Sydney.Bittersweetly back to our normal worlds, it’s good to look back at everything this wonderful continent was.

June 12, 1952. It is a day of the upmost saturation. The sky’s blue is piped with color, looking as though the world had been dipped in a painter’s can just that morning and was still wet with gloss. Smears of clouds drape along the sky, letting their white puffs stick to the blue paint like cotton balls in toothpaste. A light breeze whistles through the blue and the white, electrifying each color as it passes and checking that all is in place.With the set in order, the characters come next.He i

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