Hello, my name is Brielle and I’m a minimalistic poser.It all started with a pair of Target boyfriend jeans. The last time I had worn denim on my legs, I had braces on my teeth and an Abercrombie VIP card in my pocket. Jeans and me just hadn’t gotten along until one day I was sitting on my bed staring at a Target shopping bag and wondering what I would do with the pair of pre-cuffed, pre-ripped and pre-washed denim inside of it. I got up, shoved my treasured polka dot tights to the back of the d

It’s whatever you put on and instantly feel a bit more daring, elusive and deeply curious for an impending night of wear. It makes you walk not just a few inches taller, but sky-high, only summonable back to Earth by the gravity of the next morning’s dawn.Tonight it’s a black cocktail dress, sleek and sultry down your waist. Like a map it traces your every curve and coordinate, plotting each point with an artist’s eye. You’re wearing what you wear best and you’re at the top of your game, oozing

The Bohemian has certainly had her time in the sun this summer, dazzling us each moment she turns. A scheme of golden locks, flowing prints and fresh blooms, it has been easy to take after her these past few months. But somewhere along the way, her romanticized veneer became tarnished. The boho trend has grown overwhelmingly mainstream, ending in a dull roar of Free People maxis and lace bralettes. La Bohème was meant to be liberating, effortless and, most of all, tragically beautiful. There’s

On Graduation

grad featured

A Short Thought:They called my name so I got up from my chair and stepped across the stage.The first step was easy. My heart was tugging at my feet, begging to dance across the other side. My mind was lunging forward, reaching for any dream to grab with its fingers. I took the step, just one, but suddenly lost balance.I was in limbo, my past behind me, but my future still at the horizon. No clear footing supported my stance and gravity pulled me in each direction.Memories, like old friends, tugg

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