Indiana Daily Student – Writing

The Indiana Daily Student is IU’s award-winning student newspaper. During my time at IU, I have served on staff as an Arts Editor, Fashion Columnist and Arts Reporter.

BOTTI BRINGS IT HOME – I covered trumpet player and IU alumnus Chris Botti during his homecoming performance.

SUSTAINING A COMMUNITY I covered IU’s Big Red Eats Green Food Festival, representing different campus groups’ opinions on the administration’s sustainability efforts.

THE SOUND OF IMPROVISATION – I covered a student jazz band that turned a dinning hall into an improv jazz concert every Sunday night.

MELANIA TRUMP’S STYLE FAILED ITS ONE JOB IN TRUMP CAMPAIGN – As a part of my weekly fashion column, I analyzed Melania Trump’s sartorial choices at a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

COSTUME DESIGN OF ‘THE DANISH GIRL’ SHOWS TRANSGENDER SUPPORT – After watching the film, “The Danish Girl,” I examined how the costume designer used characters’ gender identity and expression to manifest the gender spectrum in their wardrobes.

WHO WON NEW YORK FASHION WEEK? – At the conclusion of New York Fashion Week, I critiqued the most prominent designers and discussed how this year’s shows proved as a test run for the shapable runways of fashion’s future.

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