Rainy Day Romantic

Rainy Day Romantic
Skirting around puddles, darting through the storm, here is the woman who fails the test. She worries about ruining her satin shoes and the leather bag huddled to her side. She curses the rain, blaming it for the traffic, the late arrivals, the line at the store. The sky’s verdict can wound her entire day, blistering each step her stilettos take.
But here comes another woman down the street! She glistens with each drop the heavens cry, a diamond in a trench coat. She outstretches her arms into the downpour, whether to wave a taxi, hug a friend or practice a bit of yoga. Yes, she prepares for the weather, of course, but only to enjoy its fullest capacity of wonder. Why don’t you step into her closet, yes you there, and see just how she does it?

The Trench

A cocoon for the luxurious, she wears it like Burberry, even though she picked it up at the secondhand store on the corner. In its pocket she found a dazzling clue to its previous life – a forgotten garment tag with the name and address of its first wearer. She wraps the memory around her shoulders as she glides into the afternoon drizzle.

The Attitude

Arriving to one’s appointment a lavish five minutes past time, many would apologize for their late arrival and wet hair. She wears both facts like crowns, the hour gleaming from her wristwatch and the bangs stuck to her forehead. Brushing them out of her eyes, she is reminded of a soggy summer day from her childhood when they once fell the same way.

The Dance

And as she makes her way through the streets and the alleyways and the little puddles in between, a certain step makes her walk come alive with gay breath. One minute a waltz, the next a fox trot, a few moments later a child’s skip. It’s a pas de deux- her partner, always the rain. And as the clouds part and the pair say adieu, she dances away, carrying the step as she goes.


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