Sometimes, a weekend will read like smooth poetry, a slow sip of iced tea under the beaconing shade of a tree limb. Or sometimes its the whir of a bedtime story, where the help of a new dress and heels can transform you into the belle of the ball. OrRead More
The first time my father took me on a ride to the top floor, he reminded me of the many rules: Don’t touch any buttons. Don’t make eye contact through the window. Don’t shift your weight too quickly. “But most important of all,” he said, his deep voice rumbling overRead More
For 13 years, my hair follicles knew no sense of freedom. Groped to the crown of my head, twisted into a tight coil and pinned through the lowest layer of scalp – the ballet bun was my childhood-long sentence of irreparable root damage. For 13 years of practicing those pirouettes, dressingRead More
Skirting around puddles, darting through the storm, here is the woman who fails the test. She worries about ruining her satin shoes and the leather bag huddled to her side. She curses the rain, blaming it for the traffic, the late arrivals, the line at the store. The sky’s verdict canRead More
I haven’t really posted too much recently for the fashion side of this blog, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and show you what my typical work style has been like. With just a few more weeks left of summer, I’ve been trying to go all outRead More